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TV Links to Legislative Scrutiny: Nationality and Borders Bill

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Disappointingly, the Committee chose only to focus on the controversial and pressing "Borders" aspects of this Nationality and Borders Bill. They ignored the first part of the bill for "Nationality." We strongly feel this is unfair and dismissive of our important issues. They could, if they chose, highlight the children and grandchildren of Chagossian descent being included in this bill. But, no, they ignored this urgent part too. How can you produce a fair & balanced report to Parliament after only hearing from one set of people not remotely related to nationality in any way shape or form? Are we missing something here?

Using the links you can Watch Live.

From what I can see and have been told, and based on the list of people listed to give oral evidence, I believe the focus will be on the controversial clauses in the bill such as Asylum, refugees, and illegal channel crossings. I don't expect our nationality issue to be mentioned in detail. I do expect the Chairperson at the start to at least reference it.

Link #1 to JCHR Human Rights Committee Home Page:

Link #2 to Parliament TV Committee Room:

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