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BOTC/BIOT Citizenship - Baroness Lister Home Office Questions & Answers

Baroness Lister has received replies from the Home Office Minister overseeing the UKVI, following her request for information concerning a breakdown of applications received, approved, and refused for BOTC (F), BOTC (M), and BIOT (Chagossian) nationality/citizenship routes. Disappointedly, it does not provide the information we hoped for. We are considering filing Freedom of Information (FOI) requests to the UKVI to see if this will produce more detailed responses.:

Question HL10631 - BOTC (F) and BOTC (M) Routes:

Home Office Response. Question HL10631 - BOTC (F) and BOTC (M) Routes:

Question HL10630 - BIOT Chagossian Route:

Home Office Response. Question HL10630 - BIOT (Chagossian Route):

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