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Second Reading debates are now done, now what?

So for the past two days, we have watched & listened to see which British M.P.'s speak up and support our campaign's aim. Rightly so, Henry Smith MP has outlined how the issue with Chagossian citizenship by descent & immigration needs to be added as a clause to this bill. We totally agree. Albert Costa MP spoke on our issue and other nationality-related matters.

However, disappointingly not one opposition MP from the Labour party, Liberal Democrats, and other minority parties said one word in support. In fact, out of the four minutes allotted for each of them to speak, none of those minutes or seconds we used to offer acknowledgment and support for our issues. They chose to turn the other way and trash the whole of this bill. This tells me, they (opposition parties) could not care less about reuniting British Overseas Territories families and giving us rights which for years we have been denied and discriminated against. What conflicts me, is one of their MP's after meeting with us, Bell Ribeiro-Addy agreed to support us and been laid down an early day motion asking for a debate. That EDM got cross-party support. Sadly none of that showed up here over the past two days.

I would remind people that in 2009, it was a Labour government Minister who spoke against allowing children born out of wedlock to British mainland fathers from having retrospetive citizenship rights.

To help you follow what was said over the past two days, use the links below from the official Hansard written record. Look very hard to see who took the time to speak up for us. We thank all those like Henry Smith, Albert Costa, and a few others who did.

Nationality & Borders Bill 2nd Reading Debate Day 1 (First day.) House of Commons. 19 July 2021:

Nationality & Borders Bill 2nd Reading Debate Day 2 (Final day.) House of Commons. 20 July 2021:

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