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Latest Home Office guidelines for British Overseas Territories citizenship by descent

The link shown below takes you to the latest guidelines issued to those seeking to register as British Overseas Territories citizenship by descent.

Sadly, still, illegitimate children, otherwise than by descent, who are now adults, born abroad before 1st July 2006, (not in UK mainland or a British Overseas Territory) to unmarried fathers from British Overseas Territories, remain SHUT-OUT from registering and fully embracing their father's heritage.

How long is it going to take for British Overseas Territories governments and Her Majesty's Government to get their heads-together and fix this once and for all? Just simple amendments to the British Nationality Act 1981, by way of Section 65 Immigration Act 2014, which benefitted the very same category of people whose fathers' were born in the UK mainland!

I like a few, are prevented from sharing on a longer term basis my life with my brothers, sisters & cousins in the UK and British Overseas Territories. I am prevented from feeling embraced by my Dad's home island of Montserrat & the United Kingdom which Montserrat is so closely tied to.

I am treated less than. This is so very wrong & unfair. This is such easy and obvious remedy to this hurtful continued discrimination.

Please continue to reach out to your local MP's and government representatives asking them to move quickly to bring about a change.

Maybe our voices in this wilderness will be heard, and people with logic, a sense of fairness and a heart will fix this?

Please cut & paste the link.

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