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Government updates for the BOTC/ BC /Chagossian community. 29 August 2023

The British Government released updates aimed at new BOTC & British Citizen Chagossians. The information provided applies to ALL new British Overseas Territories Community Citizens, no matter where you originate. It applies equally. The facts stated are designed to set clear expectations. We strongly urge all new BOTC & British citizens to read thoroughly and understand the pros and cons.

We want people in the communities to be successful in their new lives in the UK and make sensible, informed decisions for themselves and their families.

Official government web page links:

English language version:

British citizens of Chagossian descent- pre-departure information pack
Download PDF • 366KB

British citizens of Chagossian descent arriving in the UK- information pack
Download PDF • 167KB

Creole language versions:

Dosie linformasion avan-depar pou sitwayin britanik desandan sagosien
Download PDF • 333KB

Dosie linformasion pou sitwayin britanik desandan sagosien ki pe ariv dan UK
Download PDF • 177KB

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