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The commencement date for BOTC citizenship in Nationality and Borders Act - 28 June 2022

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

The commencement date for the British Overseas Territories' "BOTC" citizenship part of the Nationality and Borders Act 2022 has been published; it is 28 June 2022. See attached link and screenshot.

Web site link:

As soon as we are given the link to guidance notes for applicants and the Home Office Internet link to apply, we will communicate it to you all.

The Chagossian citizenship by descent clause, part #3 does not yet have a commencement date. We hope it will be before year-end. Work is being done behind the scenes at the Home Office to facilitate these specific applications as they got added to the bill in the late stages.

One other section that does not yet have a date is the lawful residence change for naturalisation as a BOTC – which requires more work with the overseas territories.

As soon as we hear of a commencement date we will of course let you know.

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