Chapter 3, 'Ending anomalies and Delivery Fairness in British Nationality Law,' Home Office Survey.

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It is great pride that we can now say our voices have been listened to. The Home Office is seeking public participation for the new Immigration policy statement made by Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, yesterday.

We are aware that our issue is highlighted in the same document that contains some other 'hot button' & 'controversial' subjects. But we had no control over that. Still, we ask you to focus on Chapter 3, 'Ending anomalies and Delivery Fairness in British Nationality Law,' which is an ongoing & historical denial of British citizenship rights to children born out of wedlock to British overseas territories fathers & mothers.

A public consultation has been launched and is open until May 6. After that, the Government is expected to bring forward a Sovereign Borders Bill for consideration in Parliament in order to put the plans into law.

It would be beneficial if the UK government could hear the British Overseas Territories' voices and their supporters through this consultation process. We ask that people in every territory, their legal community, and elsewhere who wish to support this change allowing British Overseas Territories children of descent to have the same nationality & citizenship rights as mainland UK children & unmarried parents.

Please sign up add your comments about supporting us under Chapter 3. 'Ending anomalies and Delivery Fairness in British Nationality Law,'

We are thanking you in advance for your support.

Trent Miller ("Silcott")

Here's the link to sign up and submit your comments:

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