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Chagossian Amendment House of Lords / amendement Chagossian Chambre des Lords. 4 avril 2022

The videos below are concerning the Chagossian amendment which returns to the House of Lords on 4 April 2022. It consists of opening remarks by Baroness Williams, followed by a response and acknowledgments and thank you remarks from Baroness (Ruth) Lister and a final response from Baroness Williams. The written record to accompany these videos of the proceedings can be found on our News & Blog page. Here's the link:

Les vidéos ci-dessous concernent l'amendement chagossien qui revient à la Chambre des lords le 4 avril 2022. Il consiste en des remarques liminaires de la baronne Williams, suivies d'une réponse, de remerciements et de remerciements de la baronne (Ruth) Lister et d'une réponse finale de Baronne Williams. Le compte rendu écrit accompagnant ces vidéos des débats se trouve sur notre page News & Blog. Voici le lien:

The opening video of Baroness Susan Willaims, Minister of State Home Office:

Response from Baroness (Ruth) Lister:

Response by Baroness Willaims Minister of State Home Office:

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