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Chagos Islanders living in Sussex criticise "problematic" flag-raising by Mauritius

Please use this link to view the report on ITV Meridian TV today on the political stunt of raising the Mauritian flag on one of the Chagos Islands.

We support the right for Chagossian people to self-determinate and be under their own control and governance. We believe the remaining Chagossians living in Mauritius are oppressed and have been left in poverty and not effectively helped by the Mauritian government and the Chagossian support group representatives living on the island.

We are campaigning hard for the grandchildren and great-grandchildren and their spouses (where applicable) to have the right to become British so they can choose to live & work in the United Kingdom. Attempts are being made to secure this in the Nationality and Borders Bill are well underway in the UK Parlament. We are hoping an amendment will be reintroduced and successful at the report stage set for early March in the House of Lords.

We hope the UK Government now realizes the ever-increasing urgency for this.

Chagos Report ITV
Download PDF • 1.51MB


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