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Bahamas Court of Appeal Does The Right Thing, where is the UK?

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

"The #Bahamas Court of Appeal upholds citizens' equal right to pass citizenship to their children born inside The Bahamas regardless of sex or marital status! Next step: *Legal reform* for Bahamian women's equal right to pass citizenship."

From the outset, we supported their efforts to effect meaningful change in their laws. Likewise, in the UK, once Ministers & Politicians step up to the plate we too, the great UK & its territories, can have the same equal treatment.

Sadly, I learned today that the government of the Bahamas, a Commonwealth country as elected to appeal this further. Why? What is it about giving children rights that is so hard to swallow? They need to reconsider and stop this continued hurtful action. The world has changed, why not change with it on this subject.

Illegitimate children have rights

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