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Approved! A Wonderful Feeling!

After a ten-year campaign that I championed that fought for British overseas territories and British nationality/citizenship by descent recognition for children (like me) born out of wedlock, that resulted in successful amendments made to the British Nationality Act 1981, via The Nationality & Borders Act 2022, I am delighted to report that I have been approved for BOTC and British citizenship by descent via my Montserrat-born British father.

This change gave hope to many like me, who for years had one part of the DNA & family tree denied by the British government. It also helped facilitate additional inclusion of citizenship by descent for the Chagossian children of descent. As a result, a few crucial wrongs were corrected.

Big thanks to Diana & Maud of Wesley Gryk, Solicitors, London. Adrian Berry, Barrister, London. Janice Panton, Kimberely Durrant, and Tracy Knight, UK Overseas Territories Association, London. Baroness Ruth Lister and her fellow peers, The Nationality and Policy & Processing Team at the Home Office. Tabitha Sprague of UK Citizenship Equality.

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