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"Who do we think we are" Podcast featuring Trent Miller & Dave Varney

Our Podcast hit the airwaves today that tells the story of Trent Lamont Miller and his campaign for nationality rights for British Overseas Territories children born out of wedlock, hosted by Professor Michaela Benson of Lancaster University.

Immediately below our podcast, we list related podcasts done by: Tabitha Sprague of UK Citizenship Equality and Rosy L'Eveque, and Jerome Simon, of the British Indian Overseas Territories Citizens (Chagos Islanders) group.

We all have fought campaigns to get recognition as British citizens. BOTC & Chagos were included in the Nationlaity and Borders Act 2022

Trent Lamont Miller & Dave Varney of BOTC Campaign:

Tabitha Sprague of UK Citizenship Equality:

Rosdy L'Eveque & Jerome Simon of BIOT Citizens (Chagos Islanders)

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