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UK-Based Nationality & Immigration Legal Advisors

Updated: May 18, 2022

Important Legal Notice: British Nationality law can be very complex. We encourage any person considering applying for citizenship or immigration to seek proper legal advice from suitably qualified, experienced British Nationality Lawyers/Solicitors within the UK. Our campaign is not authorized to provide legal advice.

Be very wary when third parties in the community offer legal advice or tell you what to do. ONLY follow proper official legal advice. Even though the law is now in place, it is not yet in operation. Each clause may have separate commencement dates. Commencement dates will be the time when you can apply. The Home Office will provide guidance notes and a website to submit applications. Until then, DO NOT breach immigration or nationality laws. All applications MUST be made from your country of origin.

Please share in the community this advice.

Do not hand over any money upfront to any other person not registered as a licensed law practitioner. Any initial consultation should be free of charge. Once you have validated their credentials and are satisfied, the advisor can assist you in your application(s), then agree on payment. Never pay in cash. Only pay an initial deposit by personal check or credit card. Beware of Scammers!!

All legal advisors for nationality and Immigration must be registered with the UK government OISC.

To locate a qualified representative, use the OISC website link:


The Immigration Law Practitioners Association "ILPA" website at:

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