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"Time For Change" - The Right thing to do. Help is on the Way

A child cannot pick their parents. Instead, it wakes up one day on this earth and begins its life's journey. It knows nothing of its parent's history. It comprises two parts of its parent's DNA; there are also two sides to its family tree. Both sides are equally valid and, as such, should be officially recognized by governments. You cannot cut off or limit one part of a child's identity, genetics, and family tree, saying: "This part is not valid or does not exist or is irrelevant."

Illegitimacy must never be grounds to deny any child, even into adulthood, a pathway to who they are. Official nationality recognition is essential to the well-being of all children as they progress into adulthood. U.K. politicians, the Government & its Home Office MInisters & Civil Servants need to consider this very carefully when creating, amending, or implementing nationality & citizenship laws. It is easy to exclude and hard to correct historical anomalies, especially if it lacks political will and fairness.

Unlike mainland U.K. children of descent, to this day, "Just as British" black & brown illegitimate children (now adults) born abroad of British Overseas Territories parents are denied equal rights to British & British overseas territories citizenship by descent.

Priti Patel, the current Home Secretary, has signaled she intends to correct these anomalies and create a retrospective pathway for us to come home and belong. (see Chapter 3, New Plan for Immigration.) We hope to see this come to fruition before the end of 2021. Finally, a Home Secretary that listened and understood and who is prepared to remedy a historical injustice. We have campaigned hard to facilitate this change.

So to politicians and the Government, get serious and stop playing with children's rightful futures. You have clear duty to safeguard this sacred part of a child's identity.

Remember this when you make or amend laws.

We expect M.P.'s and Peers of all political persuasions to support these changes to British nationality law 100%. It should not be a partisan issue. It is the right & proper thing to do. You know this, we know this. So let us see the true sense of 'British fair play' at work.

If you know someone affected by this, let them know hope and help are on the way.

Best wishes,


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