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  • Trent L. Miller

Still Waiting for a Legislative Solution!

In light of the recent recommendations made by the British Parliament's Joint Committee on Human Rights, chaired by Harriet Harman QC, MP, concerning the British Nationality Act 1981 (Remedial) Order 2018. This report, amongst other things, under Item #11, speaks to the on-going unequal & unfair nature of British nationality laws towards British Overseas Territories children of descent, who are now adults, born abroad, and out-of-wedlock to fathers who hold British Overseas Territories citizenship, and from 2002 under the BOTA Act, automatic Full British citizenship.

We decided to write to Caroline Nokes MP, Minister of State (Home Office) (Immigration) inquiring how things were coming along with these recomendations and to offer help in shaping draft legislation to address the specific item contained in #11 of the report. After all, we are rea-life examples of those who continue to be disadvantaged by the historical wrongs of the BNA 1981 and all other legislation that rolls up into it. One would have thought their policy people would be a little more interested in having a conversation. It lacked an invite to discuss further, but at least they noted our feedback and acknowledged that there's work to be done. It remains to be seen, based on the evidence we have provided, if they will construct legislation that indeed will include us, or will there be some anomalies be found post-legislation where some will still be left out and excluded? Its not all about "my suggestions" it is about doing what is right to remedy these inadequate laws. The British Government ministers and civil servants seem forget that we are people, who are just trying to claim our family connection by descent throug, and cultral recognition that goes with it. We demand to be recognised formally!!

Here is the letter we got back from a name called "L Stanton".

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