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Royal Assent is given, now Law. Awaiting commencement dates - Next Steps

Royal assent has now been given and the Nationality and Borders Bill is now law. However, it has not come into force yet. Next, the Home Office, when they are ready in their systems to accept applications, will notify us of the commencement date and provide formal guidance notes with a link to the online application forms.

Until that time we will be taking a rest and will resume information when there is something important to report. Meanwhile, we encourage people to gather evidence to prepare for their applications.

Regrettably, on this website, we are not qualified to provide legal advice. To attempt to do so would be wrong and could result in an application failing. So please understand this. If you think your application may be problematic, we suggest you contact a reputable UK Solicitor or Public Access Barrister. Make sure they specialize in British nationality law and are familiar with making applications to the Home Office for their clients.

There are many people who purport to say they are qualified, and they are not. DO NOT hand over any money until you are satisfied they are legitimate. All professional Lawyers and Law firms are licensed by the Law Society to perform this type of work. Fees for service vary from Lawyer to Lawyer and Firm to Firm.

You will utilize them to review your evidence and make your application for registration. Once your registration is accepted for BOTC and British nationality. You will then be free to make your application on your own for your BOTC and/or British passports. We believe for Chagossian children, you will be able to include your children's application under your own application. We have yet to confirm if it will apply to other BOTC parents. There will be no fees for registration. You will only be required to pay for your passports.

We strongly suggest you use the Immigration Lawyers Practitioners Association "ILPA" website to search for a suitably qualified Lawyer or Firm. Make sure the Lawyer you seek is a member of this professional organization.

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