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  • Trent L. Miller

Press/Media leave out and miss an Important Point in FAC Report

A critical point in the FAC Report which the media is ignoring or not giving enough coverage to (apparently not juicy/sensational or enough of a hot-button issue for some!!) which addresses the unequal treatment historically of our people. Our people have a right to be fully informed.

Page 3 (Summary) "the UK Government needs to ensure that those who should be able to claim British Overseas Territories citizenship can do so."

Paragraph 4, Pages 58 "The issue of citizenship by descent stems from an anomaly in the British Nationality Act, which means that fathers with British Overseas Territories Citizenship cannot pass it on to children born outside the OTs between 1948 and 2006 if they were not married to the child’s mother at the time of birth. In May 2018, the Joint Committee on Human Rights described this anomaly as an unacceptable form of discrimination, while Montserrat’s representative, Janice Panton, said it “has caused a lot of anguish among some parents.” Lord Ahmad was not able to indicate when the matter would be resolved. He said that “discussions are ongoing across Government on this.”

Paragraph 4, Point 60. "The Government should urgently address concerns in the OTs about the issue of citizenship by descent and anomalies in the British Nationality Act that have taken too long to resolve.

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