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Policy Paper update on the proposed new route for Chagossians to acquire British nationality.

Use this link:

Today, 25 April 2022, we have been advised by the Nationality Policy team we have been working with at the Home Office that a new information guidance web page has been created and published by the Home Office for those who intend to apply under the Chagossian descendent amendment in the Nationality and Borders, Bill. The web page will eventually be translated by the Home Office into Kreol.

We strongly urge people in the Chagossian community to ONLY follow the advice laid out in this document. Do not take as fact anything else you are you hear on social media. ONLY the Home Office information is a trusted source and can be taken as authoritative and can be relied on as fact.

Do not follow personal opinions or misinterpretations, which can lead to further difficulties.

You should always seek professional legal advice on all nationality and immigration matters. ONLY use reputable established lawyers. Do not part with any money until your applications are successful.

Use this link:

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