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  • Trent L. Miller

People applying for British Overseas Territory citizenship still face "unacceptable"...

Finally, a bipartisan joint committee in the British government has listened and recognises how unfair British nationality law is to children (now adults - like me), born abroad, out of wedlock, to British overseas Territories fathers between 1947 to 2006. Even more so now, that in 2014, the same category of children (now adults) whose fathers happen to be born in mainland UK were given this retrospective right to claim a route to citizenship "UK-F" category. Children (now adults) of British Overseas Territories descent were intentionally "Left Out" and remain "Shut Out" from benefitting. We sincerely hope that the Home office will speedily under the new leadership of Home Secretary Sajid Javid, with Minister of State for Immigration, Caroline Noakes, and led by Prime Minister Theresa May, this piece of hurtful demeaning discrimination will be erased from annuls of British nationality history.

Please click use the following links to the Joint Committee on Human Rights home page as well as the full report:

Report summary:

Full report:

Committee Home Page:

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