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Opposition to Borders & Nationality Bill

Link to bill's parliamentary progress:

As we move forward into the next session of the UK Parliament, we remain steadfast in standing up for the citizenship rights of CUKC/BDTC/BOTC children of descent. This bill, as flawed as it is in other areas of asylum, refugees, and illegal border crossings, will correct a historical anomaly that has caused too many of us (children & parents) to be shut out and ignored. It is clear there is further work to be done.

For far too long children of British overseas territories of descent have been pushed to the back of the queue and told they don't matter when it comes to getting their citizenship by descent rights. Meanwhile, UK mainland parents and their children enjoy these rights.

You should also be shouting very loudly and channeling all that energy to convince the UK government to include the children and grandchildren of Chagossian descent, who are shut out from being included in this bill? But so far silence, again you ignore them too! They too get shoved to the back of the queue while others who you speak up for get more of your attention. They, amongst other things, have suffered a major historical wrong through citizenship by descent denial that has caused generational trauma. All they want is for their families to be reunited. So why are you the British Opposition MP's and Social Justice Groups not demanding this is included in this bill by way of further amendments?

Our message to those in government opposition & these supposed social justice campaign groups, who are making it their business to trash the Nationality & Borders Bill including us is:

What about us? Are we to be treated as "less-than" a good cause by you? Do you condone the continued discrimination if you want his bill trashed? Where have you spoken up for us? Stop being selective on which families you want reunification for!

Do your jobs and work to compromise on the other objectionable parts of the bill that are not related to us.

You cannot trash everything in it and to do so is very wrong. You will be guilty of continuing injustice to British overseas territories' children!

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