Lord Eric Avebury House of Lords Debate - Looking back to 2014 - Promises made...

Yesterday, after prompting by Tabitha Sprague of the UK Citizenship Equality group, who was one of the people who benefited through the change in the law by way of Sec 65 Immigration 2014, which amended the British Nationality Act 1981, I looked back over the material from her site and files. I came across these videos and Hansard debate records concerning the passage of the Sec 65 amendments, which went on to become law. Sadly, since then, the supposed UK government consultation with the respective governments of the British overseas territories is dragging its feet.

Here's a link to Tabitha's group home page, where you can see her journey:

They have known about the remaining issue for quite some time, and yet, their in-action adds to the pain & insult of us left here truly desiring to feel welcomed in our Dad's homeland. Take some time to read the Hansard record and watch the videos of the debate. You will then get a clear picture of what the remaining work to be done that the excellent and notable Human Rights campaigner, the late Lord Eric Avebury, recognized as needing to be done.


Debate video:

After which in its final passage back in the "other place," The House of Commons, Home Office Immigration Minister at the time, James Brokenshire MP, acknowledges the matter prior to vote:


Debate video:

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