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List of Opposition MP's & Parties Voting "NO" on Nationality & Borders Bill (Download PDF's)

At the bottom of this page, there are downloadable PDFs links that will provide the names & parties of all MP's who vote "NO" in the Nationality debate. Luckily the Conservative party has the majority, and it will move forward, but the bill is not yet finished in the House of Commons and it will return once it's been to the House of Lords (that's another thing to look forward to!! It's so important to let these "No MP's" know they let us, 'BOTC' children, down and that we are unhappy they failed to even mention us in their four-minute time slots during the debate. Even if they acknowledged us and said they disagreed with it being in that bill it would be something. But, No they said Nothing, Nada, Zilch! That is totally unforgivable.

You can use these online links to look up any MP's contact details including their email and Twitter/Facebook accounts. It is time they hear from us.

Supporters wishing to voice their displeasure at their lack of involvement and support in the debates can send clear and unmistakable messages that they let us down.

Chances to change nationality law do not come along every day. When they do, the legislation is usually always part of other nationality or immigration matters; this bill is no different. It always requires a long-titled or broad-titles bill to move forward.

What we don't understand is: Why would the majority of Labour MP's, who we thought supported us by laying an Early Day Motion No. 1166 on 19 November 2020 under the name of Bell Ribeiro-Addy, signed by MP's of all parties, the majority are Labour, asking this of Parliament:

"That this House notes under the British Nationality Act 1981 children born outside of marriage to British Overseas Territories fathers, before the 1 July 2006 are deemed illegitimate and are prevented from inheriting their father's citizenship by descent; further notes that this does not apply if the child's mother is from a British Overseas Territory or if the child was born after the 1 July 2006; recognises that Section 65 of the Immigration Act 2014 granted children of British mainland fathers the right to claim citizenship through their father's descent, but this right was not afforded to children of British Overseas Territory fathers; is concerned by the inconsistencies and discriminations that exist in this law as well as its outdated attitude towards children born outside of marriage; is pleased by the Home Secretary's recent admission that this law needs to be changed; and urgently calls on this government to introduce the necessary legislation to address the discrepancies in this law."

And when the legislation opportunity comes along in Parliament to debate it, as well as having a possibility to remedy the long-standing nationality & immigration problems of the Chagossian 'BOTC" people, they drop us like a hot cake, dump us in the trash. Every opposition MP failed to use any of their allotted four minutes to speak, to mention us.

What double-mindedness. Instead, the opposition MP's just focused on pulling apart the government's proposal to deal with the out-of-control channel crossing refugee and asylum seeker problems. I guess reuniting BOTC families by correcting historical anomalies never mattered to them. Shame on them!

Download PDF of MP's Voting "No" sorted by MP Name:

MP's Voting _NO_ by MP Name
Download PDF • 55KB

Download PDF of MP's Voting "No" sorted by Party:

MP's Voting 'NO' by Party
Download PDF • 49KB

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