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Let these good people return to Chagos

It breaks our hearts to see the disgusting and disastrous effect on the good people of the Chagos Islands and their descendants. The wrongs MUST be righted; a right of return for them and their children/grandchildren is the right and proper thing for the UK, US & Mauritian governments to do. In addition, you MUST compensate them directly for their suffering. It will not fix everything, but it is a step in the right direction. Our campaign (BOTC Campaign) got involved as we were fighting for our British nationality & citizenship rights for children of descent born out-of-wedlock to British overseas territories parents. We managed to convince the government to fix our wrongs but were acutely aware that the issue of nationality & citizenship rights went way beyond just us. So we utilized our campaign to join the Chagossian groups to raise awareness and eventually helped get them added to the Nationality and Borders Act 2022 right at the last minute. We want the best for these good people, and so should everyone else—time to put to bed the last British colony mentality. Do the right things, please!

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