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Legislative Scrutiny: Nationality and Borders Bill - Call for Evidence JCHR

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

ATTENTION: For all individuals or organizations out there who need to ensure their voices are heard about the Nationality & Borders bill currently before the UK Parliament, I urge you to submit your feedback online (using the link below) or write a letter to The UK Parliament "Joint Committee on Human Rights" Chaired by Harriet Harman QC MP. They are asking for your feedback as part of the scrutiny process of this bill.

If you choose to answer their predetermined list of questions, only the first question really applies to the remaining nationality failings:

"Do these reforms adequately address any remaining areas of unjustified discrimination in British nationality law?"

Please DO NOT STAY SILENT (ne reste pas silencieux!), make your voices heard.

If you support the nationality changes that will benefit British Overseas Territories children & families (clauses 1 to 4), then please Say So OUT LOUD. Don't let our part of this bill, which will address years of discrimination and nationality anomalies, be drowned out by others who have problems with the other controversial parts of this bill. They want to trash it and see our part fail too. Their actions so far tell us they do not care about reuniting our BOTC families!

If you or a group of people feel left out, now is your chance to let them know your thoughts & feelings so you too can be included in this process. If the nationality parts need to be expanded, then tell them why. I am thinking in particular of our friends of Chagossian 3rd & 4th generation descent. They should have their denial of citizenship and immigration problems remedied in this bill. It's the perfect opening to do this, should the government so choose. Time to end their generational trauma, pain & anxiety, and suffering. They are BOTC/British by descent too.

If you have other views in relation to the non-nationality parts of this bill, then you can also say so.

There is a deadline, so don't hang around.

Here's the link:

Link to: Instructions on how to submit:

Link to: Questions they want feedback on:

Note: They want everyone to use the online upload tool to submit their feedback prepared per their instructions

Just in case, here are is the email address, & other contact details for Committee:

  • Email:

  • Phone: 020 7219 2467 (General enquries) / 020 7219 8430 (Media enquiries)

  • Address: Joint Committee on Human Rights, Houses of Parliament. London. SW1A 0AA

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