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It's about 'Reuniting' British Overseas Territories Families too...

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Despite the loud noises being generated by opponents to the UK conservative-led government and its Home Secretary about the rest of what's in the Nationality & Borders Bill i.e. Asylum. It is unfortunate that our campaign cause and solution was placed into such a controversial bill, but we have no choice or control over where legislation gets placed. Some take the view that the whole bill should "Trashed" and are going to do all they can to stop it, rather than try and get the controversial parts amended as true democracies do. It required a long-titled bill and we waited for many years for it to happen. We were told to wait, wait, by successive governments as they dragged their feet. Our issue was viewed as unimportant, and too niche. Well, we are not, it's not!

BOT children of descent, now adults have waited a very long time to get this fixed. We just want our 'Families Reunited' too, to feel like "we belong" and are just as "British/BOTS."

We refuse to be drowned out by the noise!

Link: Nationality & Borders Bill link (pages 1 to 17):

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