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ILPA Statement 26 January 2022 on Nationality Law in the Nationality & Borders Bill

Today the ILPA issued a new statement in support of the positive nationality changes benefitting BOTC's and others. We are happy they have put their weight behind adding in the Chagossian BOTC/BIOT children of descent. Apart from our own part in the BOTC campaign, we have worked very hard with the Chagossian groups to get it to this point. We are not prepared to leave them behind and will fight their corner where we can. We hope & pray we will get across the finish line thereby having an equal footing for all BOTC Children of descent. No government should ever deny a part of a child's DNA/family tree and say it's not valid for nationality purposes. You cannot simply take scissors and cut away one part and say it does not matter.

Link to PDF of the statement:

Nationality Law in the Nationality and Borders Bill - ilpa
Download PDF • 130KB

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