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Hong Kong British National (Overseas) immigration route statement made on 24 February 2022

This statement by Kevin Foster MP is an outrage and insult to the Chagossian families.

They open the door to BN(O) (as urgent & deserving as they are) and yet slam the same door shut-hard in the faces of the few Chagossians BOTC grandchildren & great-grandchildren. They fail to show the same concern for the Chagossian family reunification! They don't even want to entertain the serious attempt led by Baroness Ruth Lister currently contained in the Nationality and Borders Bill to right a major historical wrong caused by the UK Govt.

They have no shame. They pick & choose which families they want to reunite. And that is plainly unfair.

The current amendment before the House of Lords is to be debated and hopefully voted on on Monday 28 February 2022. We urgently implore Peers to step up and vote to add this amendment to the bill where conservative MP's and the Home Office have failed to support.

If the Home Office will not entertain this, then the Home Secretary needs to step up and make a similar pathway for Chagossians of descent as the Hong Kong BN(O)'s families.

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