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"Free Movement" article (highlighting BOTC issue) by London Barrister, Emma Harris.

The attached PDF and link to Emma Harris of Goldsmiths Chambers, excellent article clearly outlines what we have been fighting for. It took a long while to get it to where it is. We wish our part in this bill would have existed as separate legislation, but we were told our issue was too niche for that to happen. It needs to be included in a broad titled nationality & immigration bill. As controversial as it is, this is where we are now. We hope the issues & noise around it get resolved. We hope that our issue helps create some kind of pathway to fix the continued denial of citizenship by descent for the Chagossian children & grandchildren born abroad. They too are worthy & deserving of a resolution.

Trent & Dave.


Download the PDF file:

Briefing_ the Nationality and Borders B... (citizenship reforms) _ Free Movement copy
Download PDF • 188KB

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