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Finally, the Nationality part of the bill is discussed in the scrutiny committee!

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

A huge "Thank you" to Barrister and ILPA Patron @AdrianBerryC, and @Stuart_McDonald UK MP SNP (Stuart C. McDonald) for raising during the scrutiny session the long overdue “good nationality clauses.” It will, in the Nationality and Borders Bill (currently in Parliament) correct years of historical injustices affecting Black Caribbean CUKC/BOTC children of descent. It also has capacity to fix other significant anomalies.

For more information about this go to:

It’s comforting to know that well-informed well-educated people like Adrian and Stuart see our issue as “just as important!” Disappointingly, out there, some social justice group ‘talking heads’ in the immigration arena have the audacity to publicly proclaim that our long-standing ‘Nationality’ discrimination is “Less Important” than the ‘Borders’ part of the bill. They, wishing to trash the bill in its entirety sinking our hopes of correcting generations of wrong. It kind of tells you a lot about these self-proclaimed ‘do-gooder’ people. They really aught know better before opening their big mouths and making such ignorant and uneducated utterances! They clearly need educating on Black Caribbean history and the impact of colonization in British nationality law that to this day still divides.

They profess to be so socially conscious individuals but are quite prepared to sacrifice a bill that remedies years of injustices (since 1915) towards;

(1) Caribbean CUKC/BOTC children of descent,


(2) Any amendments proposed by Henry Smith MP to remedy years of denial of BOTC/British citizenship to the Black children and grandchildren of Chagossian descent from the British Indian Overseas Territories “BIOT.”

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