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  • Trent L. Miller

Finally, the British Government is Listening, and there is Hope!

The above link to the House of Commons House of Lords Joint Committee on Human Rights published the Proposal for a draft British Nationality Act 1981 (Remedial) Order 2018 today. We along with others made submissions. Finally, the British government is listening. Hopefully they will act swiftly to remedy hurtful discrimination that is affecting children (now adults), born overseas between 1947 to 2006 to unmarried British Overseas Territories fathers. An unequal playing field exists where the same category of people of descent whose unmarried fathers happen to be born in mainland UK were give a retrospective right to claim their fathers British citizenship through descent, while those of British Overseas Territories descent were deliberately excluded from amendments made in 2014 to the British Nationality Act 1981. We urge the Home Secretary, Sajid Javid to step up to the plate and move legislation swiftly. The same law regulating the same category of people cannot be allowed to continue to discriminate in this manner. Its mere existence hurts to the core of many good people who have done nothing wrong, and had no control over their parents choices & descisions. People like me. I, like others, want to feel part of our father's heritage, to feel truly British without restriction. We want to claim our culture & heritage. So please stop standing in our way. We are watching and waiting Home Secretary & HMG.


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Unknown member
Aug 29, 2021

I enjooyed reading your post

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