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Fair & Balanced Reporting & Support by Social Justice Groups & Media

We of all groups decry the fact it took so long to get our nationality issues resolved, knowing full well there are many others who are still left out there in limbo. We despise most of the divisiveness being caused in Clauses 9 & 10 and the rest of the Borders part of this bill. Let’s be clear about that.

We always wanted to have our issues addressed in a separate bill. We had no control over these decisions.

It is amazing how many of these socially-minded fairness campaign groups and media organizations love to amplify the negatives in the Nationality and Borders affecting only immigrants rights and yet totally ignore and fail to educate themselves on our clauses 1 to 8 that addresses years and years of nationality and citizenship discrimination against black & brown children of descent from the British overseas territories. More than once when we challenge these posts we get told that our part (correcting years of racial divisive nationality discrimination on so many levels) is "less important" Which tells you how much callous deliberate ignorance exists. Selectiveness in their standing up against injustices.

They even fail to mention the Chagossian children who for years are denied and exiled. Reading their Tweets it's as if we just don’t exist and/or matter. They call for the whole bill to be trashed without hesitation or another breath. So much for their expectation to have fair and balanced reporting. Some cannot even bring themselves to even acknowledge the good we have fought so hard for in these clauses.

We must call out these double standards out on social media. We do matter, and we have been waiting a very long time for our turn at justice!

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