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Commencement Date Clauses 1, 2 & 4 on 28 June 2022

On 28 June 2022, the commencement date for clauses 1, 2 & 4 takes effect (with a tick mark). This is the first date an applicant who wishes to apply under the criteria for those specific clauses due to inequality to children born out of wedlock to BOTC fathers before 1 July 2006, and children born to BOTC Mothers before 1 January 1983. can start to submit an application.

Once we get the link details from the Home Office, we will publish links to the official Guidance Notes and Application form.

For those applicable under the Chagossian clause #3, the commencement date remains to be set and will hopefully be before year-end.

We are aware that under Clauses 1 & 2, some Chagossians 1st generation may be eligible to use this route. But we think it wise that you wait until the Chagossian-specific clauses come into effect is a better option.

As always, please consult a qualified UK Nationality Lawyer/Attorney/Solicitor for specific advice as to how best to go about making applications. Especially those with complex cases and complicated family setups/cases. Our campaign is not authorized to give legal opinions on any cases. Please direct such questions directly to the Home Office or a nationality lawyer.

If you have questions about applying for BOT citizenship and British citizenship, you can email the Citizenship and Nationality Enquiries team at

Nationality Lawyers/Attorneys/Solicitors/Barristers can be found using the Immigration Law Practitioners Association "ILPA" website:

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