Chagossian Voices - Nationality & Borders Bill - UK Government Please include them in this Bill!

This heartfelt, very articulate, crystal clear video was recorded by Misely Mandarin of the UK-based group Chagossian Voices. It spells out the importance of why citizenship by descent for children of the third and fourth generation et al., must be included in this Bill. It is time to end this generational division, pain, and trauma inflicted on the descendants of Chagos.

They must have the right to be recognized and registered as 'BOTC' British Overseas Territories citizens & British Citizens. They should not be treated as immigrants, and incur excessive costs. Doing this will right some of the major historical wrongs & injustices inflicted on them. They are real people, real families who are divided and rejected by the Motherland, UK. We, in this campaign, know exactly how this feels to be cast out & rejected. We hope that Henry Smith's and other MP's intervention during the scrutiny of this bill will reap fruits. We implore Boris Johnson and Priti Patel to listen and be open to these amendments.

Please take the time to listen in full to his video presentation:

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