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CAN YOU HEAR? We are the descendants of British Indian Ocean Territory, Chagos Archipelago.

To all of us out here who care about injustices against black people & children. Please take a moment to watch this video made by the grandchildren of Chagossian descent.

Their story is another "Windrush" type story" Their grandparents & parents were forced off their British Overseas Territory in the Indian Ocean by a Harold Wilson government to make way for the US Air Force base. They were dispersed to Mauritius and Seychelles, with some to the UK. The grandchildren born outside the UK are denied their right to identify as British Overseas Territories/British Citizens by descent.

We are fighting to get them included in the Nationality & Borders Bill which has benefitted us and will correct our BOTC injustices. We don't want them left behind! Henry Smith MP for Crawley is proposing amendments to the bill. We hold out hope that he will be successful.

Please share their story. You can really help by emailing or writing to your local MP's, Media/Press outlets, and sharing on Social Media. Feel free to use our text. They deserve to be included and bring an end to another British Nationality denial stain on the UK.


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