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  • Trent L. Miller

BNO / Hong Kong / Chagos / BOTC

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

While it is right & proper that the United Kingdom provides full support to its British National Overseas passport holders in the former British Colony of Hong King, which may involve a pathway to gain "Leave to Remain" and full British citizenship, we would like to remind the UK Government, they are still failing to remedy the ongoing denial citizenship by descent issue, for children born abroad, out-of-wedlock to British Overseas Territories fathers before 1st July 2006. It seems to be the case that everyone else gets their foot in the door i.e., EU citizens, & others, but we, with flesh & blood connections to the UK and its Territories, are shut out and ignored. They cannot pick and choose. We call on them now to remedy this issue, as well as the problem for the people of Chagos, who are also denied citizenship by descent & a return to their homeland of descent. Priti Patel & Boris Johnson - DO THE RIGHT THING! Bring forth primary legislation now to fix this, and the other pressing issues. We are all British!

"Citizenship recognition is where home begins."
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