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Baroness Lister: Latest Question to Home Office

Standard box reply from the Home Office Minister, Baroness Williams of Trafford, again! Trying to get officials at the Foreign and Home Office's to provide meaningful answers is like pulling teeth from a bull!

They are all caught up in the Brexit issue and the implications on EU and British citizens, however, they are forgetting all about others who have far stronger historical links to the UK; the illegitimate children of descent of the British Overseas Territories, now adults, who've been shut out for far too long!

How can this be right? This nasty, hateful discrimination remains, but its well within the powers of the respective governments and HMG to fix it and bring legislation on to an equal and equity based footing.

But no, let's worry more about rights of EU citizens than those of your own children of descent!

Pay more attention to us, speak up, start a conversation about us, include us in your tweets and postings, and take action for us. Otherwise, hypocrisy abounds!

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