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'UK Citizenship Equality' - Another UK Citizenship Campaign - Historical Perspective.

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Prior to our campaign being founded in 2010, another campaign called:

The campaign was operated by Tabitha Sprague, also from New York. Tabitha worked tirelessly with a British MP called Julian Huppert and the well-known Human Rights Campaigner, the late Lord Eric Avebury, a member of the UK House of Lords.

They managed to secure amendments of a pending immigration act working its way through the UK Parliament that ended up removing the same kind of discrimination against children born-abroad, out-of-wedlock to British mainland-born fathers. It placed children of UK mainland descent on an equal footing. Sadly, children of British overseas territories' descent were intentionally left out.

Now after this week's announcement by Secretary of State for Home Affairs Priti Patel our discrimination will be removed in the forthcoming Nationality & Borders bill.

Tabitha's campaign can be found on Twitter:

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